STEP 1 | Tennis Evaluation


Are you going to evaluate a new player or a player you know and work with now, or worked with before?

Evaluating a new player   If you've never seen or worked with the player before, please follow the instructions bellow (STEP 2,3,4,5,6)

Evaluating an old player   If you have previous experience / enough information about the player, please click here and then follow the instructions bellow

For more please click here...


The whole idea of UTE is to set the norms for better and more responsible coaching, parenting. UTE is pinpointing the issues in tennis education, that need priority attention - to find out as much as possible about the player and his performance before setting any goals, making any decisions, statements, or changes. Perfect knowledge and understanding of a player you're working with, with all his strengths and weaknesses is far more important than any statistic in the world. Be certain about your opinions and decisions before can setting up the right goals and fixing things in the proper order. You'll work more effectively and with purpose.


  • In order to receive the most objective results, we recommend you to use the help of experienced tennis expert when evaluating technique / tactics, personal sport psychologist when evaluating mental section and fitness coach when evaluating physical section.
  • In order to make the most out of UTE and to reach the most objective results, we recommend you to read and follow the instructions in STEP 1-6.
  • Don't forget to use > print the Forms / Charts attached in each section.
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