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Dear tennis parents, coaches and players! You no longer need to spend your time by reading books or traveling long distances to attend expensive seminars and conferences. Tennis Evaluation will allow you to become a top professional tennis expert from the comfort of your own home in just minutes. If you have question, top coaches are just a click away to respond!

"There isn't just "one way" to do anything in this sport. So many variables that can have very different outcomes. However, with the fast developing technological advances there are in tennis the last couple of years, I see incredibly valuable tools to our disposal as coaches. Universal Tennis Evaluation is a great new tool to use for coaches, players and their parents to plan, track and evaluate the players progress. I use it and find it very useful."

Johan Kriek
Owner of tennis academy, 2 x Australian Open Grand Slam singles champion, (best ATP 12)

"As a professional player, I find this product very helpful. Young players, parents and coaches will get an insight on what professional tennis is about, and what it takes to be in the top level. The evaluation process is very helpful to recognize in which stage a player might find himself."

Hans Podlipnik Castillo
Professional tennis player (best ATP 73)

"My first reaction was: Wow, I have never seen such a complex system to evaluate a tennis player online. I can only recommend it to all the coaches and tennis parents! We use it in our Tennis Academy now to keep the tract of our player’s improvement."

Chris Vermeeren
Master in talent development & scouting
As a global director for Nike scouting program found and signed R.Nadal , R.Federer and M.Sharapova

"We’ve been using Jan Solcani’s Tennis Evaluation in 2012 and it proved to be very accurate. Top Chinese junior and professional players representing Shanghai Team were regularly using UTE in their training preparation. We still use this system to scout or rate the players"

Zhang Yi
Shanghai Team (Professional tennis team) manager