STEP 2 | Tennis Evaluation



Let's get to know the player. Interview the player in a very relaxed, friendly and casual way. It's important that the player feels comfortable. The goal is to reach players comfort zone before they open up, become honest about their feelings and share some possibly important private information. Perform the same process with their parent /s and or coach. This psychological evaluation is important in order to understand what might be behind player’s behavior and overall performance. The goal of this process is to see the whole / larger picture before making any final conclusions. Print / use the forms bellow to keep notes.


Interview questions
Mental self evaluation
Health nutrition


  1. Why tennis? Are you into other sports too?
  2. When did you start playing tennis? Was it your idea?
  3. Which are the things you like about tennis?
  4. What don’t you like about tennis?
  5. What about your dreams or goals?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 1 or 2 years from now?
  7. Do you think you’re doing enough to get where you want? Please be honest
  8. Who’s your biggest fan?
  9. What, or who is making your tennis life uncomfortable?
  10. What kind of playing style do you prefer and why?
  11. Are your parent’s athlete’s like you….do they support your sports related activities? ….Both the same way?
  12. Do you, or your coaches evaluate your game on regular basis?
  13. Do you keep track of your improvement and development in some matter?
  14. Do you keep something like a Training Diary?


  1. I would like to hear all you have to say. Your feelings, concerns, worries…