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Terms and conditions - Ask Coach

In ASK COACH you are responsible to list your true and working email.

In ASK COACH you are not responsible to list your true name.

In case the question will be not clear and/or not readable, we will email you and ask for explanation. This will happen no more than once.

The player, coach, parent, or anyone using ASK COACH section should use the information and recommendations received by the UTE coaches only for the personal use and shall not use it in any public form, on the internet, or in any media. The UTE coaches shall not be dishonored in any way.

If the video provided by you for evaluation is longer than 30 seconds, you are responsible to notice which part of the video you want the coach to evaluate. This part should be no longer than 30 seconds.

For the best results, it is responsibility of the player, parent or the coach to follow the instructions listen in the answer from the UTE coach.

The player, parents and coach are responsible for observance and making possible appropriate adjustments to the specific training program created for the player, as they have the better knowledge of the given player.

TN and UTE is not responsible for losses caused by failure of your email provider or any other possible complications cause by not TN or UTE.

The UTE coaches are responsible and will answer only one (1) topic, issue, problem listen by you in the question given in ASK COACH section.

The UTE coaches answer should consist of minimum 10 and maximum 15 sentences (100-150 words). The coach will answer in written form and is not obliged to add instructional photo or video. The photo and video can be provided as an addition if the coach decides it is necessary.

The answer from the coaches should be given no later than in three days (72 hours).

In the section ASK COACH is the responsibility of UTE coach to keep all the information provided by you confidential and cannot share it with any other third party.

UTE in section ASK COACH might give specific training advice to a player based on the detail of the information about the player provided by user (parents or coach). However UTE, UTE coaches and TN have no liability to that player in any way for any illness, injury of other that occurs while the player is training or competing.

UTE and UTE coaches might give general advice on quality of training and goal setting. The advice will outline well established good practice in training and goal setting.

The UTE site offers players, parents and coaches an opportunity to analyze skills / abilities of the athlete and coach, create training programs and goal setting online. In agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site members are acknowledging that responsibility for the specific content of the training program is theirs. UTE, UTE coaches and TN have no liability to any member for anything that happens to them while they are training or as a result of their training program. Likewise the UTE and TN provides its customers with the website facility to place goals online; we cannot be held responsible for a player’s progress (or lack of it) towards those goals. UTE "ASK COACH" coaches will do their best to give you valuable and effective advice; however, we do not guarantee, nor are we responsible for the eventual outcome. For the best results, please follow the instructions and advice given to you by 'Ask Coach'.

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