STEP 4 | Tennis Evaluation



At this point, things should start making more sense. Now it's time to perform a detailed technical evaluation. In order to receive the most objective results, we recommend you to use the help of an experienced tennis expert when evaluating the technical / tactical part of the game.  Print / use the forms bellow to keep notes.


Technique check manual

Evaluate one shot at a time / follow the steps below:

1. Players warm up / rally from the middle of the court (5 minutes) / CONTROL, CONSISTENCY

2. Play only cross court (check the grips) / CONTROL, ACCURACY, STYLE, GRIPS

3. Cross court points until 5 (only particular shot allowed - forehand or backhand)

4. Feed wide in order to test players’ ability to hit in the run (shorter, longer, lower, higher) / BALANCE, RECOVERY

5. Feed higher & shorter balls to test players’ ability to play aggressive and hit winners / CONTACT POINT

6. Feed high & long balls to test players' ability to play defensive / CONTACT POINT, BODY TRANSFER

7. Feed lower & shorter balls to test players’ ability to approach the net (down the line, cross court) / APPROACHING SHOTS

8. Use the drills to test player’s ability to use lobs, passing shots and drop shots / DROP SHOTS

9. Evaluate volleys (higher, low, down the line, cross court) and smash / VOLLEYS, SMASH

10. Evaluate 1st & 2nd serve (grip, style, toss, balance, contact point, body transfer, accuracy, speed)