STEP 3 | Tennis Evaluation



Initially gained information during the interview should help you in the next step, when evaluating players match. Print / use "Match-play" document and observe / keep notes on specific mental, physical and tactical aspects of players’ performance. Arrange a sparring match, or watch the player perform in the real tournament conditions. Tell players to do their best and act like they normally do. To put more pressure and possibly find their breaking point, make them play outside of their comfort zone (loser has to: pay the winner, pick up all the balls, or make the court).


Match play

Circle / underline the text describing the player you are observing:

Movement around the court

(goes for every ball, doesn’t try, without effort, poor side to side motion, poor forwards-backwards motion, stays back, often split-steps, doesn’t split-step)

What kind of strategy is the player using / is it effective?

(waits for opportunity to strike, plays aggressive from the baseline, plays too aggressive, plays very defensive, often goes to the net, never goes to the net)

Tactical decisions

(recognizes the opportunities, doesn’t recognize the opportunity to: approach on shorter ball, hit winner, to run around easier ball, risks too much, plays too safe)

Return stance and consistency

(focused, low stance, lazy- passive stance, with split-step, without split-step)

Serve & return routines and rituals

(takes time, hurry without preparation, special routine/ritual, no routine/ritual)

Body posture / body language

(relaxed, confident, bored, stressed, negative self-talk, positive self-talk, confident - walks with head down, resigned - low confidence, often eye contact with parent / coach)


(positive, motivated, relaxed, negative, verbally abuses himself, verbally abuses other/s, aggressive, intentionally lying / cheating)

Note: All of the above behaviors, should be observed and examined in the context of the real competitive situation on the court in the ongoing match / training.

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